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Spirituality vs Materialism this Christmas Season

When my Granddad recalled Edwardian Christmases with his family, he related fond memories of discovering Yuletide stockings by his bed, filled with nuts and oranges.  That was it on the gift front for him, his brothers and sisters, all children of a Cambridgeshire railwayman – very basic by today’s standards. 

Fruits of the Gospel

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is politically neutral.  As a church, we don’t endorse political candidates or get involved in party campaigns.  We do encourage our members to get involved as individuals.  Who they support and who they vote for is a matter for them.  This is their democratic choice.

UK Mormons invited to a Jubilee Day of Service

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the United Kingdom have been invited by the Europe Area Presidency to prepare to offer service on Saturday June 2nd as a Jubilee Day of Service. 

Mormon Apostles’ Most Important Duty: Testify of Jesus Christ

“The most important part of what they do as apostles is the testimony that they bear of the reality that Jesus is Christ, the Messiah,” Faulconer says. “His resurrection was the first testimony to the world of his messiahship. The apostles' testimonies spread that first and fundamental testimony. Beyond whatever else the Church might need contemporary apostles to do, that witness to the Church and to the world is their first responsibility.”

Traditional Christianity and the Latter-day Saints

The issue of whether Latter-day Saints (Mormons) are Christian is not a new one, but the current media climate has caused the question to be revisited in both private and public conversations. No matter the circumstances, the underlying question is an important one and a matter whose implications reach well beyond the momentary news cycle.

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