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    United Kingdom

    The first missionaries to go overseas were sent to Britain in 1837, only seven years after the Church was founded. A total of seven missionaries were sent, including two members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. The group arrived in England on July 19, 1837, preached in Preston on July 23, and held baptismal services for nine new converts on July 30 before an audience of more than 8,000 curious onlookers. By the next week, 50 more converts were baptized. The teachings of the Church attracted more than a thousand converts in the first few years in the United Kingdom, despite mounting opposition from ministers and the press.

    Between 1837 and the turn of the century, as many as 100,000 converts emigrated to join the main body of the Church in the United States. In fact, by 1870 nearly half of the population of Utah were British immigrants. Missionary work in the United Kingdom has continued to be successful in the 20th century despite setbacks during World War I and World War II. In the 1950s, Church membership in Britain increased as Church leaders encouraged new members to avoid further mass emigration and to build the Church in their native lands.

    In the late 1950s, a temple was dedicated in London. In June 1998, another temple was opened in Preston, the site of the first preaching more than 150 years ago. Preston is the home of the oldest continuous branch (a small congregation) of the Church anywhere in the world, dating back to 1837.

    Key UK facts - The work of Church members in the UK

    Knowing the Church through its members – the Church’s faith in Christ influences how Mormons live.  The contribution by its members in the UK is sizeable and directly supports other organizations and many parts of the community.

    The Church Today in the UK

    The United Kingdom has the highest church membership of all countries in Europe.

    Membership is spread across more than 330 congregations – each led by lay-members who serve faithfully without pay and do so in addition to their family, vocational and other community responsibilities.

    Around 1,000 full-time missionaries serve across the UK. They actively engage in teaching, community service and personal development.

    Multi-cultural membership – Over 100 nationalities represented in the UK membership and leadership.

    Members of the Church are found in all walks of life and across the entire socio-economic spectrum.

    Many members of the church serve and have served in high profile roles in the community e.g. Members of Parliament (Westminster and Holyrood), Leaders of Councils, Mayors, Local Councilors, school governors and various charity and voluntary organization roles  We have members who are key figures in law and education along with those in the medical profession and  business.

    The work of our members in the UK

    Since 2010 the Church has worked with the NHS Blood and Transplant service to utilize its church buildings (at no cost) for members of the Church and the local communities to donate blood.  

    More than 6000 units of blood were donated in 2011 and we expect to double this figure in 2012

    The Church has teamed up with The Royal British Legion to support its annual Poppy Day Appeal – with local members delivering/collecting appeal boxes and collecting money directly.  The involvement of young people in these efforts is particularly appealing to The Royal British Legion.  Local Church congregations are also involved in wreath laying at Day of Remembrance Services.

    In 2011 over 200,000 hours of such service was provided and in 2012 will be significantly greater. For example in 2011 the Church was the first organization to assist in the London Mayors’ clean-up campaign following the riots in Tottenham.

    Mormon Helping Hands is a worldwide Church initiative to encourage Church members and their friends to provide community service.  Projects involve members from toddlers to OAPs working together on projects such as: clearing and beautifying overgrown church graveyards, clearing public pathways, picking up litter, painting nursery schools, building playgrounds for toddlers and dozens of other community activities.

    Each year the church gives Family Values awards to members of our society who have made significant contributions to preserving and protecting families whether through personal example or advocation.  Previous recipients include: Rt. Hon Paul Boateng MP, Rt. Hon John Battle MP, Rt. Hon Frank Field MP, Dame Gillian Pugh OBE, Ravinder Kaur Nijjar,  Anne Davies, Melanie Phillips, Mary Crowley, Baroness Scotland, Phillip Blond, Edmund Admus, Jill Kirby, Ceridwen Roberts and Peter Kearney.

    The Church provides the general public free access to the largest and most extensive collection of genealogical and family history records in the world.  

    This is done through 116 Family History Centers across the UK and various web-sites. Our largest Family History Centre is situated alongside the National Archives at Kew.

    Church members voluntarily recorded the entire 1881 Census records into digital format to make it available to the public. Another digitization project carried out by Church members has made Chelsea Pensioner records available. A major project is currently underway to digitize all the microfilm records held by the church and make the contents freely available to the general public.

    The Church’s historical links to the UK:

    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was established in the United Kingdom 175 years ago, the first country outside of North America and Canada.

    The Church has remained in the country since then to this present day and the oldest continuous congregation of the Church is in Preston.

    Most of the people who became members of the church in those early days then left for the USA to join other members from around the world and played an integral part of the “colonization of the west”.

    The sheer number of those early converts in the UK meant that there were more members of the church in the UK than in the USA.

    The Church Globally Today:

    World-wide the church now numbers over 14 million members.

    More than 50% of the membership live outside the United States of America.

    Almost 30,000 organized congregations of the Church are to be found throughout the world.

    Church materials are translated into 176 different languages for the use of its members in most countries around the world.

    More than 55,000 missionaries – many of them young men and women aged 19-25 – serve on a full-time voluntary basis at their own expense throughout the world to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and serve in the communities they live.

    Humanitarian Aid efforts worldwide

    In the April 2013 General Conference of the church two church leaders stated the following on the humanitarian work of the church:

    Elder Dallin H. Oaks, Of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

    Most Christians give to the poor and the needy, as Jesus taught (see Matthew 25:31-46; Mark 14:7).  In following this teaching of our Savoir, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and its members excel.  Our members make generous contributions to charities and give personal service and other gifts to the poor and needy.  In addition, our members fast for two meals each month and donate at least the cost of these meals as a fast offering, which our bishops and branch presidents use to help our needy members.  Our fasting to help the hungry is an act of charity and, when done with pure intent, is a spiritual feast.

    Less well known is our Church’s global humanitarian service.  Using funds donated by generous members, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints sends food, clothing, and other essentials to relieve the suffering of adults and children all over the world.  These humanitarian donations, totalling hundreds of millions of dollars in the last decade, are made without any consideration of religion, race or nationality.

    Our massive relief effort following the 2011 Japanese earthquake and tsunami provided $13 million in cash and relief supplies.  In addition, more than 31,000 Church-sponsored volunteers gave more than 600,000 hours of service.  Our humanitarian assistance to the victims of Hurricane Sandy in the eastern United States included large donations of various resources, plus almost 300,000 hours of service in clean-up efforts by about 28,000 Church members.  Among many other examples last year, we provided 300,000 pounds of clothing and shoes for the refugees in the African nation of Chad.  During the last quarter-century we have assisted nearly 30 million people in 179 countries. Truly, the people called “Mormons” know how to give to the poor and needy.

    Elder D. Todd Christofferson, Of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

    As followers of Jesus Christ we are a community of Saints organized to help redeem the needs of our fellow Saints and as many others as we can reach across the globe.

    Because of our humanitarian efforts this past year, 890,000 people in 36 countries have clean water, 70,000 people in 57 countries have wheelchairs, 75,000 people in 25 countries have improved vision, and people in 52 countries received aid following natural disasters.  Acting with others, the Church has helped administer immunizations to some 8 million children and has helped Syrians in refugee camps in Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan with the necessities of life.  At the same time, members of the Church in need received over $500 million in welfare goods and services in 2012.  Thank you for your generosity.

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