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New Bishop in St Helier Continues Proud Tradition

News Release — 25 January 2015

The congregation in St Helier, Jersey were delighted to welcome Joe Pinzari as their new bishop, together with Mark Fairhead and Mike Key as his counsellors.

Building Relations with Local Food Bank

News Release — 20 January 2015

Two years ago Wendy White of Clifton, Nottingham, recognised a need to help struggling families in the area. Through her inspired efforts and leadership Wendy and her team of volunteers established a food bank in St. Francis Church of England premises in Clifton. The Hope Pentecostal church, of which Wendy is a member uses the same premises. A few months later, Ken Goddard, a local leader of the Nottingham 1st congregation of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, felt inspired to offer assistance.

Nuneaton has new Bishop

News Release — 18 January 2015

Ross Martin has been appointed as the new bishop of the Nuneaton area for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, replacing Bishop Matthew Grant who had served for five years.

New leader for Farnborough

News Release — 16 January 2015

Giles Johnson has been called as the new bishop for the Farnborough congregation in the Reading area. He was previously a counsellor to outgoing bishop, Lee Rushforth, who served in the role since 2008.

Hyde Park Visitors' Centre - A Respite of Beauty and Peace

News Release — 14 January 2015

Amidst bustling city sights and sounds of contemporary London stands the Hyde Park Visitors’ Centre, a respite of beauty and peace. By stepping inside visitors are invited to enjoy interactive displays, a cinema featuring inspirational films, and guided tours explaining the doctrinal beginnings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Scotland and Ireland Missionary Choir Delights Crowds

News Release — 13 January 2015

Delighted shoppers in Limerick. Republic of Ireland, whipped out their smartphones to video a flash mob coming together to sing the hymn “Joy to the World”.  The missionary choir was formed from missionaries of the Scotland/Ireland mission serving in Ireland.  Their counterpart choir of missionaries serving in Scotland also brought the message of Christmas to hundreds of people through their music in various public venues as well as our own church buildings.

Four Mayors attend Helston Anniversary

News Release — 10 January 2015

A special ceremony was held recently at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Cornwall as members celebrated 40 years since the dedication of the Chapel in Helston.

Members and other guests enjoyed the special service, which was also attended by 4 mayors – Councillor Mike Thomas, Mayor of Helston, Councillor David Nebesnuick, Mayor of Penzance, Councillor Gillian Grant, Mayoress of Penryn and Councillor Daniel Williams Mayor of Porthleven. 

New Leaders for Warrington

News Release — 5 January 2015

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons), in the Warrington area, saw the release of their bishop, Chris Miller. Bishop Miller was thanked for his outstanding service to the congregation over the last five years, and commented, 'I loved serving the people in the Church but I am really glad to be able to catch up with that long list of jobs my wife gave me and spend more time with my children'.

New Bishop for Wigan

News Release — 4 January 2015

The members of Wigan congregation raised their hands in a show of thanks to Graham Gifford, who has served as a bishop for over six years.

Bishop Gifford was called to serve as Bishop of Wigan in 2008, just as the global economy went into recession. This meant that much of his time as Bishop was spent supporting members through difficult times, and working alongside various local charities.  He also serves as vice-chairman of the Wigan Interfaith Group.

Missionary serving where ancestor sailed on the 'Mayflower'

News Release — 4 January 2015

Elder Dalton Bradford of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has a good reason to be excited about serving a full-time mission in Plymouth. It was here on September 6th 1620 that his ancestor William Bradford, along with wife Dorothy May and their three year old son, sailed on the merchant ship ‘The Mayflower’.  He, along with a hundred and one others, sailed to the New World.

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